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Real-life Horror stories

It is truly alarming how many horror cases and stories are going on in the real world. However, it means new ideas and inspiration for Horror movie directors. Crime news nowadays look like brainstorming for another Tobe Hooper’s shocking horror movie. offers a spooky variety of True Horror Stories that can serve as a source for my project’s theme.

Missing High School Student Involved With Vampire Cult?

Shelby Ellis and 2 Others Believed To Be Involved With Some Cult By Parents

Shelby Ellis Missing

16 year old Shelby Ellis, a student at McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia, has been missing for 3 weeks. Her disappearance may be linked to the brief disappearance of two other high school girls, and a web site called Vampire Freaks.

Shelby Ellis

According to CBS Atlanta, the three teens were into the Goth lifestyle, vampires, and visiting the Vampire Freaks website. All three girls disappeared within days of each other – two of them have turned up but Shelby is still missing. A private investigator hired by Shelby’s parents think they were involved with an underground cult of some sort.

Missing Teen

Since all three girls are underage, information is restricted. However, it is known that the two girls are not talking to investigators – if they know something, they aren’t telling.

A quick look at the Vampire Freaks website doesn’t seem to turn up anything particularly threatening. But you know how the media likes to sensationalize.

Corey Haim Movie Set Mistaken For Actual Crime Scene

Bloody Set From “New Terminal Hotel” Was Never Dismantled


Ripleys came across a story from the Daily Mail concerning a Pittsburgh hotel in which police found a grisly murder scene.

New Terminal Hotel

A fire at the 10-story George Washington Hotel on Main Street was taken care of by firefighters, who then discovered a “blood-spattered” room filled with bottles of alcohol and “a piece of a scalp.” Police Chief J.R. Blyth was called in, who said it was “the most grisly murder scene in his 35 years in law enforcement”. After an 8 hour investigation, the Chief realized – the whole scene wasn’t real.

Turns out that the room was a left over set from a horror movie called New Terminal Hotel, which stars the late Corey Haim. The scene in question was filmed 2 years ago, but the hotel owner decided to leave the room as it was in case the crew needed to return for reshoots.

Two years is a long time to decide on reshoots, we think.

Anyway, New Terminal Hotel is about a screenwriter who wants revenge against the studio head supposedly responsible for his fiancee’s death. He stays in a seedy L.A. hotel, supposedly to write, but there may be other murderous plans…

Corey Haim stars in the film as a “nosy has-been rock star.” We assume he’s one of the victims…

George Washington Hotel

Back in real life, the hotel itself is said to be haunted. 12 people have died there since it was built in 1923.


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