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Media Terms Dictionary

Revising key terms written in my notes,I have decided to add them into a post on my blog because it will be an easy way to re-cap.

  • Semiotics – The Science of Signs (Roland Bathes)
  • Denotation – The Thing
  • Connotation – The Meaning
  • Shared Consciousness – Where members of a specific culture or group shared a knowledge and understanding of a dennotive object and its connotations
  • Context – The circumstances in which something is produced and decoded
  • Codes – the means by which we put meaning into a ‘text’
  • Conventions – the standard practice
  • Intended – What the producer intended the audience to understand/ see
  • Unintended – Any other interpretations
  • Barthes Narrative Code – A System for understanding media texts

o       Action – What’s happening (someone walks into a room)

o       Referential – the context (Location and time)

o       Semic – Semiotic codes (objects and Mise-en-Scene)

o       Enigmatic – interesting questions (will they get together?)

o       Symbolic – Themes (Love and Hate)

  • Narrative – The story
  • Genre – Collective types or styles
  • Audience – A specific group of people with a shared interest
  • Stereotype – A groups with perceived common characteristics
  • Archetype – Classic character types (Hero, Heroine, Villain, Comic)
  • Text – Anything that can be read and interpreted (Magazine, TV show, Film etc.)
  • Decode –To take meaning from something
  • Encode – To put meaning into something


Audience theory

The hypodermic model

= We believe everything we hear and see

The Uses and Gratifications model

= We choose what we use and believe based on personal need.

The 2-step flow theory

= We are more likely to believe something if we get a recommendation from someone/ an organisation that we trust.

Producer – Trusted Source – Audience

The 7 C’s of Media

  • Class
  • Culture
  • Context
  • Code
  • Convention
  • Convergence
  • Connotation

Class grading

A B C1 C2 D E


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